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You feel jittery and on edge, even if things are "going fine." You worry about things that might happen in the future and overthink the bad things that have happened in the past. If things are going too well, you think the other shoe will drop.


DO YOU HAVE ADHD, or ADHD-like symptoms?

You feel scattered, distractible, forgetful, clumsy, and you're plagued by chronic injuries. You have a hard time shutting off your worrying brain and can't remember the last good night's sleep you've had, and you're tired. Just tired. 

If you can relate... then this program is for you!

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The secret powers of your two nervous systems,  and how to take charge of your body!

Understanding the neurology of your ADHD brain so you’ll understand EXACTLY how to love your brain and make successful changes! You’ll learn a better way to use essential oils, how to use subtle ways to calm yourself in stressful settings, and the connection between your brain and your gut - and why eating when you’re stressed is a bad idea.


Ears, Posture, and Breathing, plus the only exercise that truly matters. Plus the best secret weapon for anxiety with public speaking!

We can’t control the world outside of us, but we can take action on HOW we “take in” that information, through our eyes and ears. We’ll also see how posture and breathing affect our moods, and immediate ways to make simple powerful changes.


Getting complex: Migraines, Concussions, Vertigo, and Eliminating Chronic injuries.

Trauma and injuries can ramp up anxiety, especially when the effects are long-term. This week we look at ways to rewire your neural pathways and create long-term, positive change!

I participated in Dr. Hall’s Less Anxiety in 21 Days. I have to say, I was impressed with the amount of content and the variety of options to quell my anxieties. From Essential Oils, to such unique methods of rubbing your ankles and wrists, I was astounded how I could incorporate many of these activities in my daily life without looking ridiculous to others! None of the suggestions were obvious, (like limiting sugar or caffeine) all were NEW practical ideas and practices! I loved the book suggestion, and the Embodied print out, so I can keep the ideas handy, without having to REMEMBER them or go back to a previous video! Thank you for your hard work and research into making this 21 Day ADHD project so easy to work into my life!

Thank you, Dr. Hall!

Respectfully submitted,

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Diane H

Limited spots available

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Hi, Dr. Angela Hall here,

If you’re an anxious adult struggling with ADHD or an adult struggling with post-pandemic anxiety needing to manage your anxiety while juggling all the day-to-day "new normal" routines,  then you already know that you need upgraded skills!

It's been a hard couple of years. You've been holding your life and your family's life together, balancing and creating and trying to stay positive and productive, even when you felt like falling apart. There's been SO much change, SO much unknown, and SO MUCH beyond your control! If anxiety was a problem pre-pandemic, 2020 made everything worse. It took a toll on anxious adults - and kids! -and created ongoing physical, mental and emotional repercussions. 

If you feel like anxiety is robbing you of your resilience, your peace of mind, your sense of joy in life, and your ability to get restful sleep, then this program is for you!

Restore Your Calm; 

Learn How To Break Your Cycle Of Anxiety, Rewire Your Brain And Body For Peace And Calm.

On Completion Of This Program You Will...

  • Understand the neurology of your ADHD brain so you’ll know EXACTLY how to love your brain and make successful changes! You’ll learn a better way to use essential oils, how to use subtle ways to calm yourself in stressful settings, and the connection between your brain and your gut - and why eating when you’re stressed is a bad idea. 
  • You can’t control the external world outside, but you can take action on HOW you “take in” that information, through your eyes and ears. You’ll also see how posture and breathing affect your moods, and learn immediate ways to make simple powerful changes.
  • Trauma and injuries can ramp up anxiety, especially when the effects are long-term.Learn easy-to-implement ways to rewire your neural pathways and create long-term, positive change!
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What Others Are Saying...

This program was the best 21 days I've spent learning new and helpful techniques. My favorite was the toe socks which has helped with my neuropathy.  Well worth the time invested.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Lisa B

Let's Break It Down For You


Rewiring Your ADHD Brain for Success: We’re best with rewards and positive motivation, not guilt and punishment. Ready to have fun?


Your 2 nervous systems: As anxious adults, we tend to stay stuck in fight-or-flight. Let’s learn how to make the switch to rest-and-digest more easily!


Calm at your Fingertips: Our fingertips are exquisitely wired - let’s use them to bring on an immediate state of calmness!


Calm your Face: Hello, gorgeous! The sweetest, lightest touches to your face will calm you down instantly.


Vagus: You know what they say: “What happens in Vegas…” but not with the Vagus nerve! Stress in our brain goes instantly to our heart, lungs, and gut. Let’s break those patterns.


ADHD Metaphors: Your brain isn’t broken. YOU aren’t broken, and you don’t need to be fixed. Let’s look at more powerful ways to love your brain!


Figure 8's:  This will be your new favorite brain booster - use it and teach it to your kids when you need to focus!


Eyes: Most of the information about whether our world is safe or dangerous comes from our eyes.


20/20/20 rule. This is going to be your new favorite take-a-break-from-your-computer activity!


The Importance of Posture: With ADHD, we tend to suffer with other conditions like depression in addition to anxiety. Here’s why your posture really matters - and how embodying good posture will change your ADHD brain.


The only exercise that matters. Seriously. Forget crunches (please!) and do this exercise daily. You’ll live longer, be stronger, breathe better, and look taller and more powerful.


Just keep breathing: Let’s demystify “stress breathing” and find easy ways to use breathing to bring down the tension.


RockTape Magic: THE most powerful secret weapon in the war on anxiety … and public speaking. Learn how one strip of kinesiotape will change your anxious speaking patterns!


Turning down the noise: We’re accused of being too loud, but sometimes the world around us is too stimulating. Learn how to turn down the volume!


Rewiring: no vertigo!  Vertigo is a mismatch between your eyes and your inner ears. These powerful techniques will help your brain rewire any “glitches”!


Rewiring chronic injuries:  Have you rolled your ankle so many times you can’t even count? There’s a brain-based reason for this...and a brain-based solution.


Rewiring: upper body sensory: Your senses bring information IN to your brain...this is how we sharpen and improve our flexibility and range of motion through easy sensory stimuli!


Rewiring: lower body sensory: Our sense of balance is based on proprioception - the ability of our brains to know where we are in space. Improving this system will prevent injuries and improve your balance!


Eyewear for Migraines & Concussions: If our brains suffer trauma like migraines and concussions, our ADHD definitely gets worse. There’s a super-simple solution to minimizing the brightness when we’re healing from migraines and concussions.


Making It Effortless: When we're stressed or anxious, the  executive function of our brain is short-circuited. We need to embrace ways to make life EASIER, rather than take on the tendency to make everything harder!


Soothing your anxiety: Meet my dog Junebug, and learn a quick way to make waiting in a checkout line much less stressful.

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  • BONUS ONE: A Rewiring audio that will reinforce all the incredible changes you’ve made to your brain and nervous system, which will erase and eradicate old beliefs. Listen to this for the next 21 days, and see your life transform!
  • BONUS TWO: Audio that will help you sleep and will create immense changes if you listen to it every day of this program. It will literally REWIRE your brain and nervous system!
  • BONUS THREE: Is there a better way to use essential oils for ADHD? (Yes!) And, Angela is going to show you how!

What You Can Expect...

  • 21 POWER BITE-SIZE VIDEO TRAINING; 21-Days Of Video Self-Study Video Training [TOTAL VALUE $197]
  • 15-PAGE WORKBOOK; It's Time To Get In The Active Learning Zone To Really Absorb All The Training. [TOTAL VALUE $197]
  • THREE AUDIO MP3's; Easy Access to start and end your day  [TOTAL VALUE $197]


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More Client Love...

One of my favorite techniques from this program was the breathing exercises. Before going to bed I do some of the breathing exercises and it helps to calm my mind and my body and help me get ready for sleep.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Stephanie J

I do not have ADHD, but find myself using the breathing exercise often to relax when tense. I also find myself rubbing my chin and throat subconsciously while reading. Keep up the good work!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Ruth S

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Calm the Chaos

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  • Know that you’re able to CONTROL and CHANGE your anxious behaviors.
  • Learn quick and easy techniques for quieting racing thoughts by anchoring yourself in your body.
  • Rewire broken or glitchy connections from your body to your brain that happened from past injuries or trauma.
  • Strengthen and improve the neural connections in your ADHD brain through specific sensory activities.